I’m here at Google’s London office, where they’re streaming the IO keynote.

Eric Schmidt talks about Ajax, always-on, simplicity, and how it’s improved life.

Vic Gundotra’s on. We spent too long not fully using XML, CSS, etc., i.e mid-late ’90s they were there, but really started using them to the max around ~2005. Let’s not wait so long for the current technologies.

Now we’re talking about five things that excite Google. (He doesn’t identify the 5 things.)

Canvas. Includes a demo of Bespin - nice one Dion, Ben, and Joe :).

3d graphics - keen to work with people on APIs for this. Good demo, but it’s a plugin, so still needs work!

Video. Shows YouTube.

Address from Firefox VP.

Firefox 3.5. As well as canvas and video, …

Great performance boosts since 3.0 and ?10 times since 2.0.

Support for Geo-Location.

Support for offline.

Support for web workers.

A geo-location demo. Browser gathers signal strengths of nearby hotspots and worked out lat/longs. If cellphone, towers. Or GPS if it’s there. Users will be able to download add-ons to choose the functionality. (Very Fire Eagle).

Back to Vic

And Apple have also implemented W3C Location API, so it’s there in Google Maps on iPhone 3.0 OS.

Demo-ing a simple offline app, and then showing GMail on Android and iPhone, Google’s first major HTML 5 app.

Palm Address

Michael ?? from Palm. Showing how HTML5 is used - e.g. CSS transformations for animation.

Shake, orientation, acceleration - all these are available in Javascript in Palm…and would like to see them introduced to HTML5. window.addEventListener(“shakestart”, beginShaking, true);

Back to Vic

Talking about performance - impressive web workers demo. Followed by a more impressive demo of motion detection within Javascript, analysing a video.

App Engine and GWT Talks


Google Web Elements

Inspired by embedding videos etc.

It’s bascally widgets 12.0. Just a much cleaner way of grabbing gadgets and putting them on your page - get some cut and paste HTML, which is an iframe rather than the usual script tag.

Ready now at http://www.google.com/webelements

I’ll embed one here:

Text-To-Speech API

As part of Android, there will be an open source text-to-speech available. (How about a public one for any web developer?)


He gives away 4000 Android phones, one per person. In London, we get pizza and soft drinks. But then, a small detail - the SF attendees actually paid for to be there! We just left the St James office and rocked up, so a decent event all things considered. Thanks to Google for hosting it and hopefully the same next year.