Done a few TiddlyWeb installs now - here’s a tip. It’s easiest done with easy_install. This is a tool that installs or upgrades everything “in a click”, except that installing easy_install isn’t really easy; the Python community could learn a lot from the Rails community about how to make downloading and installing easy, for those who aren’t intimately familiar with the underlying technology. (Summary: I google for the tool, I click on the first result, and I see a big fat download button). If you try to look up easy_install, also called “easyinstall”, you’ll find it’s actually included with “setuptools”, and you’ll find a website that makes you go around in circles if you click the links you think you’re meant to click. What you might not find is the package you need as the downloads are buried down the bottom of

For a Mac at least, get easy_install with the following steps: