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I''m Michael Mahemoff. a full-stack product maker. Curious about programming, tech, startups, and future trends.

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Chrome OS Flex: Old laptop, new life

I’ve been getting back into Chromebooks recently. They’ve always been fabulously lightweight, low on admin headaches, and fast per dollar spent, but there are extra benefits nowadays.

The Missing Man Page

If only man pages were as good as the first Google result, I idly tweeted while trying to coerce curl into post a form [1]. The ensuing conversation led me to think about exactly what is missing in man pages....

Black Mirror Bandersnatch Spoilers

Here’s just a few random thoughts on Black Mirror Bandersnatch, which came out yesterday. I’d have posted these as a few lazy tweets, but didn’t want to post spoilers there.

Horizontally scaling databases: MySQL/Postgres Sharding

At some point, a single database instance starts to creak as more objects are added to it, even with read-only replication. A battle-proven strategy here is to scale horizontally via sharding, however there be dragons. Here are general design principles...

Explaining to the CDN why “vary” header matters

A CDN asked me why they should respect the HTTP “vary” header. My reply was this. “vary” is needed because the app uses “PJAX” architecture used by many dynamic web apps and embraced in frameworks like Rails’ TurboGears. Simply put,...