YES! I’ve learned enough about audio engineering to realise I know nothing! I’ve set up a blog so I can host podcasts! I’ve added the necessary enclosure hacks to Wordpress (thanks chaps) so I can publish them! And I’ve honed an authentic Aussie accent to stand out from the crowd! So, much too long after it coulda shoulda woulda been, my first podcast is here!

I’m sorry … Did I hear you ask “What’s a Podcast?” Well, even if you didn’t, I’ll be pleased to give my podcast site a cheap plug. It’s a podcast FAQ at Short non-technical summary: A podcast is audio content published on the net, typically spoken word but also music. You can just click on the MP3 link in the blog entry and listen to it. But it gets a lot better if you download a client application like ipodder, which will let you subscribe to podcast programs and push them straight into ITunes as they come out. New food for your IPod (or any other MP3 player) all the time - hundreds of programs every day, if you want it.

And if you want to make your own podcast, great idea. I made it sound much harder than it needs to be. Check out How to podcast, for instance.

Stayed tuned for the FP …