Agile Software Riffcast

Here’s my first podcast. In my podcasts, I’ll mostly be covering software development topics such as architecture, usability, design patterns.

This is the first of four “Riffcasts” where I’m riffing on the topic of agile software development. The series will contain:

  1. Agile software development overview. Embracing change and the Agile Manifesto. (The podcast enclosure on this entry.)**
  2. Survey of agile methodologies and perspectives. Including Scrum, Pragmatic Programming, Crystal, DSDM, Lean Manufacturing, Extreme Programming.
  3. Extreme Programming. More detailed look at the most famous (or notorious, depending ) Agile Methodology, Extreme Programming.
  4. The Dark Side of Agile. Problems with agile approaches, situations where it does and doesn’t work, open questions.

My plan is to publish these roughly once per week, but the beauty of podcasts (as with blogs) is that I can upload them when I like, and subscribers will have them soon after. Unlike traditional radio, they don’t need to be sitting there at the time I “broadcast” it. So I’m going to see how things pan out.

I’m going to do stuff in parallel with these “Riffcasts”, all on the same “Software As She’s Developed” stream. Such as more “Blogcasts” of a more general nature.

Really, really, keen for your feedback, especially ingratiating syruppy praise! [email protected]

The MP3 File

You can hear the podcast by clicking here. But long term, there’s a much better way …

Subscribing to this Podcast

How can you subscribe to this stream, so you can have this and all my future podcasts automatically downloaded (as well as hundreds of other shows)? Easy - download ipodder (or any other podcasting client) and simply add this feed:


ipodder and the hundreds of podcast programs are all free, BTW.

This podcast is licensed under the same Creative Commons license you find attached to Basically, this means you can do whatever you like with it as long as you say how awesome I am. (I think that’s the gist of it, but the full details are here). The lead-in track is a sample of My Morning Jacket’s “One Big Holiday”, who were among the enlightened artists who contributed to the Wired CD. Thanks to the band, Creative Commons, and Wired for making it possible.

They dreamed of a brave new world of sharing and liberty. I superimposed a quality track onto a stream of geeky rambling.