Whereupon a new podcast series begins …

As promised, a new series of Ajax pattern podcasts. This is the first of four podcasts on the Ajax programming patterns.

In this 73 minute podcast, we look at the seven patterns of web services as they relate to Ajax clients.

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  • RPC Service Expose web services as Remote Procedural Calls (RPCs). (Note: In the book and wiki, REST appears before RPC.) (6:55)
  • RESTful Service Expose web services according to RESTful principles. (13:25 )
  • HTML Response Have the server generate HTML snippets to be displayed in the browser. (44:45)
  • Semantic Response Have the server respond with abstract, semantic, data. (49:00)
  • Plain-Text Message Pass simple messages between server and browser in plain-text format. (56:05)
  • XML Message Pass messages between server and browser in XML format. (57:20)
  • JSON Message Pass messages between server and browser in Javascript Object Notation (JSON) format. (59:55)

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