Today, @WHAT-WG started posting weird stuff on Twitter. Turns out had an open form to post to its Twitter account, right on the homepage. The interesting thing is it sat peacefully for two years on the homepage of a relatively prominent organisation’s website, until someone started being funny, and then others noticed, and by the end of the day…it’s in lockdown, with a password attached to the form. Still fairly open as you can apparently ask for the password in IRC.

Anyway, I found it an interesting phenomenon, watching it unfold, and captured the tweets using ListOfTweets and grabbed some screenshots.



Twitter storm begins:

(interestingly, they deleted the tweets involving any swearing, but left the rest)

Twitter storm ends with the comment, “For 2 years, anyone could post on this twitter account, and nobody abused it … You still can, ask us for the password on freenode #whatwg.”