We have several IDEs in the cloud such as:

(Update: How’s the timing? This blog post was written one day before Dion and Ben announced Bespin, the massively important open-source project to build an IDE in the cloud among many other things. Needless to say, Bespin has been added to the list!)

I would like to see more tools for UML tools to complement these online IDEs. I’m not talking about naieve enterprise silliness like model-driven architecture; I mean just some basic tools ot support basic sketching.

So here is a nice one Jeremy showed me: Web Sequence Diagrams. It’s based on a declarative text spec of the model, rather than endless, tedious, mouse clicking. A perfect example of the WYWSIWN (what you see is what you need) paradigm trumping WYSIWYG. Just a nice, simple, tool that lets you generate UML models in a matter of minutes, the most any agile practitioner would want to spend on them.