It’s been a while since I’ve podcasted on this site, having shifted my attention to live gigs in recent years. But I’m pleased to say I’ve begun podcasting again at AudioBoo.

Doing my best to keep this lightweight and sticking within the base 5 minute limit for now. And focusing on HTML5/web development. I’ve taken inspiration from the excellent Boagworld podcast for this short Audioboo-powered format.

It’s now 7.5 years since I began my original podcast, a few months after the technology was born and shortly after I set up ye olde podcast FAQ at My podcast is actually the reason I set this here blog up. I’ve continued to be enthusiastic about the medium and it’s heartening that podcasts continue to thrive in 2012. So in addition to announcing the Audioboo, I’m pleased to say I’m working on a service to make life a little more pleasant for the fellow podcast listener. It sees the light of day Real Soon Now — please ping me at [email protected] if you’d like early access and can give some feedback.