I first heard about SpikeSource on this Gillmor Gang interview with CEO Kym Polese. The business model made a lot of sense: provide a standard open-source stack and charge a support contract. Given the trepidation with which some companies approach open source, it can be very reassuring to hand over several digits to a company who will make sure it all works. Effectively, outsourcing the IT department workers who’d end up having to support it anyway.

Today, SpikeSource has launched. Unfortunately, their approach is very old-school: The story on the serverside amounts to a rambling press release with obligatory references to “enterprise” and a link only to the homepage … where there is no news of the launch. The blog (a judicious three clicks away from the homepage) , doesn’t mention anything about the launch, and I couldn’t find the actual stacks being released. But hopefully they can sort all that out, because it’s at least a good idea in theory.