Will the peripheral IT community come to view REST and Rails as equivalent? It might sound ridiculous, but consider: Unix==Linux, Wiki==Wikipedia, Ajax=Web 2.0, blogging==RSS, podcast==spoken MP3. Last but not least, every knows that


So it only stands to reason that the REST equivalence shall come to pass, as REST hops on for a free ride on the Rails worthy-hype machine.



(For the sake of completion, yes, Ruby==REST.)

The possibility of Rails==REST didn’t occur to me until I read this - probably quite necessary - clarification:

I want also take a step back for a moment, and mention that REST is not a Rails-only thing. REST was developed long before Rails, and is simply an approach that can be applied to many kinds of software applications.

If Rails can bring REST to the fore of mainstream development, in addition to other goodies like Convention Over Configuration and Migrations, that’s one more reason to heartily <heart> Rails.