The above image is inspired by Roy’s Rightful REST Rant, kanyelicious and kanyegate, uses @psd’s Roy Has a Posse, and is me getting up to speed with Photoshop (not that it shows) after using certain less worthy tools for image manipulation.

I’ve said a bit about this on Twitter, but basically a couple of years ago I saw REST beginning to take off in the enterprise, it was inevitable, and was amused by the prospect of vendors “embracing and extending” it for the enterprise; just as other useful terms like “synergy” and “agile” get sucked into the vortex of hollow lip service.

And now, with REST-*, it’s happened.

So it was nice to see Roy Fielding wrote the following on REST-discuss, a much tweeted tirade:

Bill, if you want people to have an open mind about what you are trying to do, then the respectful thing would be to remove REST from the name of your site.

Quite frankly, this is the single dumbest attempt at one-sided "standardization" of anti-REST architecture that I have ever seen. It even manages to one-up the previous all-time-idiocy of IBM when they renamed their CORBA toolkit "Web Services" in a deliberate attempt to confuse customers into thinking they had something to do with the Web.

Distributed transactions are an architectural component of non-REST interaction. Message queues are a common integration technique for non-REST architectures. To claim that either one is a component of "Pragmatic REST" is the equivalent of putting a giant Red Dunce Hat on your head and then parading around as if it were the latest fashion statement.

The idea that the community would welcome such a pack of marketing morons as the standards-bearers of REST is simply ridiculous. Just close the stupid site down. </blockquote>