Quizr - AKA “The reason this blog has been sparse for the past couple of months” - is online now. It’s a site I developed to allowing making, taking, and sharing of quizzes … making the most of Ajax and the assorted Web 2.0 technologies. At the heart of it is user-generated content - anyone can make a quiz and anyone can take a quiz. I always found old-school quizzes to be frustrating because: (a) you either do one question at a time, and wait 10 seconds for the page to reload to see if you were right or not; or (b) you do all questions at once, and then get all the answers at the end. Quizr gives you real-time feedback.

Features include Ajax-style editing and quiz-taking; searching and tagging of quizzes; RSS feeds for recent quizzes; tracking of results; embedded video, audio, and images.

To make it easy to make content, it uses Lazy Registration, so you can get started creating quizzes without having to sign up.

It’s currently in closed beta, but here’s a screencast - mail me with “quizr” in the subject line or sign up on the homepage if you’d like access to the beta. I’ve set up a Quizr Blog, so I won’t mention it much here, other than some technical notes at some stage.