For some years, I ran a little posterous blog called Mini Software As She’s Developed, the little brother to this blog’s great uncle’s step-cousin. It was effectively a pastebin to throw random things at. Now that Posterous is to be decommissioned, I’ve migrated it to an archival blog on WordPress.

It’s archival because these days, my glorified pastebins you shouldn’t subscribe to are:

  • My Gist Stream.
  • My Notes Community. You see, I’ve stumbled onto a nice Posterous replacement, which is a Google Plus community. Google Plus pages can work that way too, but they are more cumbersome to deal with, requiring a new window each time. G+ is not a Posterous replacement in the sense that you can’t mail things to it, or tweet them etc, but it’s quick to share stuff and works nicely from mobile. Plus one thing Posterous never sorted out was commenting - it required a Posterous login. Whereas anyone on Plus can leave a comment. So it’s turned into a nice way to create a public thread, but one that won’t spam followers when published.