In under 5 minutes, a few quick notes on questions I was asked and general feedback on the talk.

Someone asked me if I’m involved in the project (ie contributor etc). I think the talk gave that impression too much, like I’m an evangelist :). Doesn’t help that I had a mail gadget open in the demo and it’s full of opensocial mailing list stuff because I once subscribed there from my gmail account, which I basically don’t use!

  • Bertrand commented on REST and asked me how it works with XML and JSON. I explained limitations wrt graceful degradation ie the way forms don’t produce XML, and the way every 3rd party JSON call is GET.

  • Question on how this works with mobiles (limited bandwidth, sometimes offline)

  • Dragos asked about other standards/frameworks. I agree, need to look more at others.

  • Question about how it works with reverse ajax (ie comet / http-streaming)

  • Query about “write once, run many” - is it realistic?

  • OAuth - difficult on mobiles