Quick notes

Looked at Bill Buxton - Sketching User Experiences. Lo-fi/Hi-fi - can even use video as lo-fi if keep it sketchy style production

The idea is to use human bodies to model the interaction - the humans represent different things in the UI moving around.

Reminds me of software design techniques. e.g. I recall physical versions of CRC where people represent software objects, communicating with each other. Also a good way of explaining traditional CS algorithms like bubble sort.

I participated in a demo where we were columns on a UI while a “user” shifted the columns (that is us) around.

Not only high level and sketchy, but also nice that it’s fun an light - helps people to enjoy the process.

The developers who are serving as actors in the process learn about the algorithm wh ile they act out the parts. e.g. when I did the demo, it started dawning on me after two or three “runs” that I need to start shifting out of the way. e.g. user says “c olumn D, move to between column A and B”, so initially I ignore the user being colum n E. But then I realise I’m part of the system and I have to get into gear and start shuffling along too.