is a little twitter mashup I made to organise tweets. The tool lets you build up a list of tweets from search results, which you can convert to HTML or text. The list doesn’t empty unless you clear it, so you can keep running searches and adding to the list. You can easily rearrange tweets with drag-and-drop.

By the way, List Of Tweets is another example of a URL Trail. Thanks to the simplicity of the Twitter API and the elegance of JQuery, it was possible to build a raw version in a couple of hours. t is approaching zero. Only after tweeting about it and discovering people found it useful did I decide to flesh it out some more.

A future upgrade might involve saving the list at a unique URL. It would be nice if any of the pastebins provided some support for this via a JSON API (admittedly with relatively short URLs - only up to 2000 characters could be reliably posted). But I will probably build my own, or just start a new frame and post into a pastebin.

I originally wanted this as I’ve been thinking about podcasting again and wanted to pull out some highlights from my recent tweets, to act as a schedule, and something I could publish as a playlist at the end. However, a colleague suggested a far more useful scenario, which is to find tweets matching a keyword, hence I added the search keyword parameter, which I now use much more often than the tweeter parameter. Here’s an example of someone using it in their blog to archive tweets about a hashtag.

I’ve already let people know about the tool via Twitter, but it feels incomplete until I blog about it. Done!