I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined Dion, Ben, and Rob as an Ajaxian.com editor. Here’s Dion’s announcement:

  • We are proud to announce that Michael Mahemoff of the popular AjaxPatterns.org has joined the Ajaxian.com team.
  • Together, Ajaxian.com and Ajax Patterns is going to offer even more information for users of Ajax technology.
  • Expect to see cross pollination between the sites, and in the podcasts.

It will be great to get involved with the talented Ajaxian team. Ajaxian has been a great source of inspiration for the Ajax Patterns - when I created the Ajax Examples page, I thanked them for posting all the Ajax showcases, and many of those examples - as well as the ongoing community news - helped me discover and document the patterns.

Especially fun will be the combined podcasts, and expect to see and hear more info about the patterns at Ajaxian and in the Audible Ajax podcasts. Fortunately, Ajaxian.com uses a very similar Creative Contents license, so the material can be reused and incorporated in other works. BTW I’ll still post the final Basics of Ajax podcast to the standard SoftwareAs feed later this week.

We have some interesting ideas for linking between AjaxPatterns and Ajaxian. As always, please provide feedback any ideas you have about Ajaxian, AjaxPatterns, or the cross-pollination effort.