I’m getting more convinced Plus is the new Twitter, and also the new Posterous. I’ve been posting things on there I previously would have stuck on the Twitter or the Posterous, and so it was time to integrate Plus on my homepage alongside the existing Twitter and Posterous links.

Latest Post

It was pretty easy to integrate my latest Google Plus post (we don’t really have a name for a Plus post yet; a plust?), as I already have a framework in place for showing the last post from an Atom or RSS feed.

First, I found my Plus feed URL thanks to Russell Beattie’s unofficial Plus Atom Feed service:


Using MagpieRSS, you can easily get the last post.

[php] define(‘MAGPIE_CACHE_ON’, false); require_once(‘magpierss/rss_fetch.inc’); $feed = “http://plusfeed.appspot.com/106413090159067280619”; try { $rss = fetch_rss($feed); $recent_post = $rss->items[0]; $title = $recent_post[title] . “ …”; $link = “http://mahemoff.com/+”, $recent_post[link]; $timeAgo = timeAgo(strtotime($recent_post[updated])); // show the post } catch(Exception $ex) { // log exception } [/php]


Inside the CSS3-rendered vcard, there’s a link to my plus alongside twitter etc.:

[html] plus [/html]

/+ .... redirect to Plus

Following Tim Bray’s suggestion, I redirected http://mahemoff.com/+ to the plus page. It’s nice to have a memorable URL.