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Super Maryo Bros in pure Javascript - check it out! Just like DHTML Lemmings, only Japanese and based on a game I was once much more obsessed with! Quick pattern mining:

  • The dominant pattern in any Ajaxian arcade game is Sprite.
  • Some cute use of Popup on the initial page. I like how this page works - it’s like a mashup between a splash screen sequence and a “training wheels” tutorial.

Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work too well on Linux Firefox. The Japanese instruction on the bottom of the page says “Dash [Ctrl] Jump [Shift] [Space]”, but only Space seems to work here. Also, I can’t seem to use a two-key combo to jump diagonally, which sort of ruins any chance of finally getting past Level 6-3.

I’ve added to the growing collection of games and toys on the Ajax Examples page. Also related is the recent blog entry on multiplayer gaming.