Ballmer gives it up for advertisers

I was surprised to see this video of everyone’s favourite professional wrestlerCEO giving it up for “Advertisers, Advertisers, Advertisers!”. You might recall my post about my inclusion of the more famous “Developers” call-to-arms in a podcast (with good fortune, it was the Ajax podcast, the most downloaded podcast I’ve done). Including this new chant just wouldn’t be right unless I changed the name here to “Software As She’s Advertised”. But we all know quality software is about the design that goes into it, not the shiny package you slip it into at the end.

Look out for the following jingles at a conference near you:

  • "XMLHttpRequest, XMLHttpRequest, XMLHttpRequest, XMLHttpRequest"
  • "Configuration Management, Configuration Management, Configuration Management, Configuration Management"
  • "Test-Driven Development, Test-Driven Development, Test-Driven Development, Test-Driven Development"

“I…love…this…conference theme and the most common profession among those of you who are in the audience today, including but not limited to people who may be watching remotely over an HTTP stream….yeah!!!!!”