Bitjuice is a little library I made to do bitmap/raster graphics in the browser. The aim is to make it easy to write “Ajax graphics” - graphics you can update real-time in the browser. And at the same time, maintain compatibility with all major browsers and old browsers too. That’s why it doesn’t use any new-fangled SVG/Canvas APIs. Just a plain-old HTML table, where we manipulate the CSS cell background style.

Here’s an interactive Scratchpad, where you can play around with programming against the API. I think it’s neat that Ajax lets us make it this easy to get your hands dirty with a new API - no download, no install, no fuss!

How to use it? The API is like any typical drawing-on-a-canvas-type APi you’ve ever used.

 *** BASIC USAGE ***
 var bitmap = new Bitmap(10,20); // width, height
 bitmap.drawPoint(5,5,"pink"); // x,y,html colour

 var bitmap = new Bitmap(10,20, {container:containerElement, blankColor:"gray"});
 bitmap.destroy(); // Same as containerElement.removeChild(bitmap);

There’s various work to be done, mainly in optimising performance because I would like to make it possible to plot fairly quickly.

I can envision a a number of potential uses. Interactive bitmap editor, tool for learning Javascript or programming in general (the scratchpad), simulations such as Game Of Life (which I really want to implement), mathematical graphing, process monitoring.

It’s licensed under the liberal, non-viral, MIT License. Ships as a single JS file.