Continuing from the previous podcast (cough 12 weeks ago), more programming patterns. Unfortunately, this recording (and the next one) went pear-shaped. Sorry. I do, however, recommend them to those of you who’ve been wondering what an Ajax talk would have sounded like in crackly 1930s recording technology, and one in which the speaker has a severe cold. FYI The level was too low and it didn’t correct very well…maybe one day, I’ll re-record, but for now I’d prefer to just get them out there as they have been sitting in the libsyn archive for many weeks.

The 40-minute podcast covers the following patterns:

  • Call Tracking Accommodate busy user behaviour by allocating a new XMLHttpRequest object for each request. See Richard Schwartz's blog entry.Note: Pending some rewrite to take into account request-locking etc.
  • Periodic Refresh The browser refreshs volatile information by periodically polling the server.
  • Submission Throttling Instead of submitting upon each Javascript event, retain the data in a local buffer and upload it periodically.
  • Explicit Submission Instead of submitting upon each Javascript event, require the user to explicitly request it, e.g. submit upon clicking a button.
  • Distributed Events Keep objects synchronised with an event mechanism.
  • Cross-Domain Proxy Allow the browser to communicate with other domains by server-based mediation.

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This podcast covers six patterns on Browser-Server Dialogue: Call Tracking, Periodic Refresh, Submission Throttling, Explicit Submission, Distributed Events,

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