Welcome to Ye Olde Ajax Patterns Podcaste, the final in this series that began twelve months ago. 3+4+4+1 = 12 podcasts in all, covering 71 patterns (the 70 patterns in the the book as well as Dyanmic Favicons). Find them all on the podcast category - http://www.softwareas.com/category/podcast/ or subscribe to the podcast feed at http://www.softwareas.com/podcast/rss2. Thanks for listening!

This podcast covers eight patterns on debugging/diagnosis of Ajax Apps, as well as testing Ajax apps, and I’m joined by Craig Shoemaker from Polymorphic Podcast, also a co-author of “Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET”. After some announcements, the interview begans at 6:00. The podcast overall is 60 minutes.

Ajax Diagnosis Patterns:

  • Logging
  • Debugging
  • DOM Inspection
  • Traffic Sniffing </ul>

    Ajax Testing Patterns:

    • Simulation Service
    • Browser-Side Test
    • Service Test
    • System Test </ul> With the series now complete, the podcast will now resume regular Sotware As She's Developed topics including but not limited to agile development, Ajax, the web, and usability. Also, more conversations - please drop me a line at [email protected] if you'd like to come drop in for a skype chat. As always, credits on this podcast to My Morning Jacket for the lead-in track, “One Big Holiday”. All podcasts in this series licensed under CC.
      Audio Note: Sorry about the noise at some stages in this recording - I now know a lot more about audio levelling (the problem of keeping both ends at the same level), but at the time this was recording, it turned out I had set Craig's end at too low a volume. I used Levelator to level each end, leading to too much noise...next time I'll need to pump up the volume at each end from the start. I'm also looking forward to resuming use of Bias SoundSoap, but there's no easy way to get this running on an Intel Mac for now!