The New Timers: The Power of Blink Tags and HTML Whitespace

It seems that Ajax people have been profoundly touched by my April 1 Ajaxian post on the new Ajax timing mechanisms. Hopefully it will lead to a new age of enlightenment for humanity and finally a cool acceptance of the fearsome blink tag.

On blink:

…And so it was that <blink>’s true purpose became known. Reborn as much out of frustration with setTimeout as it was with the promise of a more robust solution. No longer eye candy, but a super-precise timing mechanism. The thinking geek of 2007 embeds a single <blink> tag on the page, hides it with CSS, and arranges all application scheduling against the swift oscillations of this postmodern crystal timer.

On HTML whitespace:

… With the trend towards parallel computation, whitespace promises a way out of the concurrency and synchronization headaches that Ajax developers often endure.

Get the full picture @ Ajaxian. And no, no-one has yet updated AjaxPatterns to incorporate these important advances in the state of Ajax.

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