Weborandom Has a Practical Use!!!

Paint me Melbourne Blue and call me a serial straw clutcher, but I just discovered a practical use for Weborandom, the Web Bling-Point-Oh app that shows random websites in an Ajax carousel and has accrued no less than eight, yes that’s a superb EIGHT-point-oh Diggs :/.

Have you ever found your net connection a little slow? You start typing in web addresses that pop into your head – “google.com” “yahoo.com”, etc. You want to ensure the content isn’t cached, so you keep switching web addresses or type random queries into the Google. After a while, this gets pretty tired. You’d rather concentrate on the content and stop coming up with random things to tell Google. So, no more randomising…let Weborandom choose random websites all day. Funny that this actually ties into Weborandom’s sister website timer.

Anyway, one even better step would be to just send random queries to Google, which as we all know comes back insanely fast. Maybe I’ll do that sometime. I could extend WebWait to do that, so you get the load time displayed for each random query.

So I never knew Weborandom had a practical use. I feel like the 17th century mathematicians who delighted in the purely theoreticalism of their prime number research, only to discover it would dictate every credit card transaction 200 years later. Although I don’t feel Weborandom is quite as important as PKI. Not yet…


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