Work-sample tests during interviews


“”” (W)e know — via copious academic studies — that work-sample tests are the best available method of predicting performance. Many companies in the software industry do not administer work-sample tests during job interviews. Instead, they have a disinterested person who you won’t work with make up a random question on the spot (seriously, this is not only a thing that exists in the world, it is the default hiring method in our industry). The disinterested engineer interviewing you then spends most of their time preening about their own intelligence while ignoring your answer, and returns a decision known to be primarily determined by demeanor, rapport, demographic similarity, and other things which all decisionmakers will profess that they are not assessing for. “””

One thought on “Work-sample tests during interviews

  1. It’s difficult to get a realistic work sample test for jobs that involve tasks that take more than 20 minutes or so. The ones I have had in recent interviews have been contrived to the point of absurdity. Some projects can take months to complete, it’s impossible to test these in an interview situation.

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