WIKI sells, Wiki doesn’t

‘Wiki’ derived its name from the Hawaiian for “quick”. But acronyms sell better in the corporate world, as anyone who’s ever won a business case for working with POJOs will be acutely aware, or anyone who’s found AJAX 0wns Ajax. JAVA beats Java when you’re selling a $2K seminar and you wouldn’t be the first to ask, what does COMET stand for anyway?

Therefore, wiki adoption (or, world domination) will be faster if we can make wiki become WIKI. According to YouKnowWhoPedia, there is already one backronym for wiki: “What I Know Is”. Yeah, it’s not much; I know “I-K-I” isn’t the easiest set of letters to work with, but still, we can do better!!!

How’s about …

  • Whoa! It Keeps Improving!
  • Webified Information, Knowledge, and Ideas
  • Wikis Improve Knowledge Iteratively
  • Work It, Keep It
  • Wiki Isn’t Knowledge Immutable
  • Wiki Is Knot Icky
  • Wikis Iterate Knowledge Indefinitely
  • Ward Is Knowingly Ignorant (intended as a compliment!)
  • Ward’s Intelligent Knowledge Igloo
  • Wait, I Know It!
  • Words Idle? Keep Iterating!
  • Want Improvements Kept Indefinitely?
  • Wanted: Invaluable Knowledge on the Internet

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