“whither location”@cyberdees and @Cennydd #uxcamplondon quick notes

talking about location in UX. random tidbits at this session follow …

apparently mozilla looked at location based preferences

location relevance depends on time. some of it highly real-time based and “useless” afterwards, dopplr based on the future #uxcamplondon

great locations, in human terms “the cheapest pub near me” “the away match” #uxcamplondon

“home ground advantage”: knowing about your own area helps you, e.g. living near football stadium, you don’t go shopping. (discussion about “match day” conditions on parking restrictions – which sport, what match, is today a match day???)

mapumental – good example of embodying tacit knowledge locals have

kevin lynch – talks about legibility of a city. http://www.csiss.org/classics/content/62 e.g. NYC cnr of 5rd and 27th. easy. whereas london – easy to get lost, which is maybe why postcodes are so specific, to compensate. Ireland doesn’t have a postcode system outside Dublin (wot?!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postal_code#Ireland.

Will there be laws to prevent discriminating based on location? Companies like BT and Royal Mail have social obligation policies.

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  1. Every property in Ireland already has a unique Lat/long coordinate. However, to use this people need some training/understanding and so it is fraught with potential error. For this reason PON Codes were developed and tested in conjunction with Garmin SatNav’s and wider availability is imminemt. Using a full release version of http://www.irishpostcodes.ie, anyone can convert the Lat/long of any property or location in Ireland to a PON Code whch is easy to use – and someone trying to find a location will just punch the PON Code into a web map or a SatNav to get there.

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