When Resource IDs are URLs

Being a web app about websites and other resources, Scrumptious has a resource which is basically a URL, called “Pages”. A Scrumptious resource modelling google.com/about looks like:

http://scrumptious.tv/comments/bags/ pages/tiddlers/http%3A%2F%2Fgoogle.com%2Fabout

See? The resource ID is http://google.com/about, encoded. (encodeURIComponent("http://google.com/about")

This was working fine on my dev machine, running “twanager server comments.boz 8080” (comments.boz being an alias for my local machine). But on the server, and run through apache and TiddlyWeb’s apache.py, it failed:

The fix was twofold – both of the following were required:

  • AllowEncodedSlashes On in apache config. This option ensures encoded slashes (%2F) are passed through to the end-app.
  • PathInfoHack plugin As with any TiddlyWeb plugin, I downloaded it and added it to ‘system_plugins’ list in tiddlywebconfig.py. (Thanks Chris for the pointer.)

And now we can happily talk resources with URLs as IDs to the server.

One thought on “When Resource IDs are URLs

  1. Thanks for the AllowEncodedSlashes tip. It’s one of these things that you don’t know about even after you’ve read the whole Apache manual and config file hundreds of times.

    As an alternative, you can use other forms of encoding/decoding, such as base64.

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