Twelebs: Following Twitter Celebs

This is a new site I made: Twelebs. Twelebs shows the tweets of 80-odd celebrities, updated each minute:

Each celebrity has a short bio-summary:

… and a more detailed bio, fashioned from their Wikipedia entry:

Celebs are organised into eight categories:

… with celebs from all categories shown in the sidebar

Feedback welcome as always.

5 thoughts on Twelebs: Following Twitter Celebs

  1. It may get unwieldy in terms of navigation once the number of Twelebs increases a lot. But it is good work!

    Maybe a guest book for each douche celeb? Or comments for their douche tweets.

  2. — make the site more scannable: less whitespace, less scrolling down

    — create useful information around these douchebags

    — celebs are very competitive: provide ways to evaluate each douche’s performance on twitter, have the Perez Hilton’s of the world come to Twelebs and report on new findings — get the twelebs to take their twitter accounts seriously

    — get inspired by the figures that twitterfriends, twittercounter and tweetstats can provide and provide metrics on twelebs. Use the techniques learned to become a twitter consultants and advise PR agencies on the most effective twitterers to approach for any vertical.

    — there’s a site that allows a conversation between accounts to be viewed graphically. provide ways to see how these celebs are intereactive over twitter and what they are talking about.

    — give out awards and send press releases of the awards. eg most RT’ed tweleb, most followers. from the stats try and work out who might be the most _____, and which twelebs actually interact with their followers.

  3. Also, have a way to re-tweet douche tweets directly from the site, then it becomes like a RT directory.

    It’d be also great to see how many times any tweet has been RT’ed off the site like this to show a measure of the site’s interactivity.

    Then have a Twelebs twitter account that spits out the best Tweleb Tweets that measures best in a diverse way.

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