TiddlyWiki Screencast: Forum in 15 Minutes

TiddlyWiki Screencast: Multi-User Forum in 15 Minutes from Michael Mahemoff on Vimeo.

This screencast is how I finished up the 12Days project, as it captures a lot about what I have come to appreciate in TiddlyWiki. It shows how you can do some simple hacking in the browser, in a single-page web app, reusing and configuring existing plugins from the community. And you can then “turn the handle” to deploy it into a multi-user environment, through the magic of TiddlyWeb. The deployment process in the video uses Hoster, which provides lower-level functionality, but it will be even simpler when TiddlySpace is mature.

This is a screencast showing the evolution of a tiddlywiki, starting from a freshly-minted TiddlyWiki downloaded from TiddlyWiki.com, and transforming it into a viable multi-user forum. The steps shown in this screencast:
  • Customising the forum’s look-and-feel by updating shadow tiddlers (SiteTitle, SiteSubtitle, ColorPalette, StyleSheet, DefaultTiddlers, MainMenu).
  • Using tags, the list macro, and the newTiddler macro to show and create new topics.
  • Reusing components with backstage (CommentsPlugin, SinglePageMode, TaggedTemplateTweak)
  • Building a custom macro (taggedCount)
  • Transforming into a multi-user forum (Hoster)
  • 4 thoughts on TiddlyWiki Screencast: Forum in 15 Minutes

    1. A really perfect screencast! Bravo!

      I’ve been studying TiddlyWiki for the second day, tuning it for my needs. An amazing one-page application and your screencast is very helpful!

      Think you!

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    4. I’ve been wildly under using the capabilities of tiddlywiki for several years. Your video helped me understand the structure, processes, and promise of the thing. And the multi-user aspect is just great. Now to figure out how to do that on an in-house server for proprietary material… Thanks for a great video.

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