Rolled My Own Ajax Search

I just added an Ajax Searchroll with Rollyo, the new search engine that lets you “roll your own” (get it?) search. For example, click on the following link to search for “xmlhttprequest” on my selection of Ajax sites:

[]( )

(The 2220 ID corresponds to “Michael Mahemoff’s Ajax Search”.)

Rollyo lets anyone add up to 25 sites, and then constrains search results to those sites. Best thing is the site contains a link that lets you easily add a particular search to the Firefox search bar.

The Ajax search consists of links from the publicly-editable (nudge nudge) Ajax Links page as well as a few others worth searching. Please add any further suggestions here or on the links page. Given the constraint of 25 or under, I’ve limited it to Ajax content sites and very-Ajax blogs. Due to rollyo restrictions, the site must also have its own (sub-)domain rather than being qualified by a pathname (so I couldn’t, for example, add Scott Isaacs at

Rollyo wishlist:

  • Combine SearchRolls – e.g. there’s already a couple of other Ajax searches on there, it would be nice to search all at once. You could even give more relevance to sites listed in both. Maybe exclude a searchroll as well.
  • More than 25 URLs! Fair go, ref!
  • Sync URLs to some other source, e.g. a delicious tag, or in my case, the AjaxPatterns Links page.
  • Integrate as A9 columns, gadgets, etc. They already have plans for Dashboard widgets, so they’re probably on to it.

It will also be interesting to see how Yubnub integrates with it. Also of note is the number of “high rollers” high-profile bloggers and celebs who’ve established their own Searchrolls (given that, based on my uid of 1882, there are under 2000 users). Looks like a nice example of guerilla marketing.