Thanks For Your Comments, Friends

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t received blog comments for a while now. Assumed there must be some spam issue, but only today did I investigate it – triggered by a Dugg article on Akizmet’s false positives. (Akizmet is the WordPress web-service-based spam filter.) Akizmet has done a great job at separating definites from possibles, but it hardly let any real comments all the way. So I ended up having to moderate 250-odd comments over the past month, with about 35 false positives.

I probably haven’t heard about these problems because (a) they were in moderation, not marked as spam; (b) who remembers to go back to comments they left? (I don’t have any of the commenter ID plugins installed; maybe I should?); (c) my mail is equally full of spam lately.

The most interesting post in this regard was my advocacy for tableless forms, which surprisingly to me, was overwhelmingly supported by commenters.

I don’t like this because I generally like to reply to comments. I’ll go hit a few now…