State of jQuery 2009

Fred noticed Jon Resig’s State of jQuery slides are up:

Highlights for me:


  • Now using sizzle, the quick, generic (not just JQuery), selector engine. Slide 8 show s almost 2* performance improvement on IE6 from JQuery 1.2.6 -> 1.3.2.
  • Performance improvements are apparently dramatic (browser averages):
    • width() / height() ~4* speedup (good – I need these for
    • hide() / show() ~3* speedup (good – I use them everywhere!)
    • element insert: : ~6* speedup (likewise)
  • Test Swarm is go! Awesome, Awesome initiative. I hope we take advantage of it for TiddlyWiki testing, once it extends to other frameworks. (Or make something similar.)

  • Ridiculous growth and market share (p15-17), and new big sites using JQuery (p13): Whitehouse, Wikipedia, Amazon, Microsoft. Not too shabby eh. Stuff like this makes it much easier for advocates to sell in their organisations.

  • Setting up private CDN on Media Temple, who’s donating all the resources.


  • More performance improvements in 1.3.3 – p23 shows 3.5x improment over 1.3.2! (perhaps for a subset, but it’s still a big and useful set).
  • JQuery builds optimised for mobile.
  • Moving parts of JQuery UI widget -> core.
  • Four conferences in 2009 – online, London, SF, Boston.
  • Better community sites, inlcuding online forum. Plugin site rewrite.
  • All plugins on CDN..
  • Core -> Github.

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