SPA Hacks: Hacks Emerging From the World of Single-Page Web Apps

This is a permalink for my JSConf.US talk. Full slides are online here:

THE LOST HACKS: Ridiculous browser tricks from the world of single-page Applications

The talk will overview TiddlyWiki and Single-Page Apps, and then cover eight specific hacks:

  • File access without browser extensions
  • Javascript-HTML chameleon files
  • SVG-VML chameleon files
  • Inline SVG
  • iFrame squriting
  • Script islands
  • Embedded images
  • Fragment IDs

I’ll be posting a link to the slideshow notes from here. I’m pleased to say the nascent TiddlySlidy app has been a pleasure to dogfood it in.

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3 thoughts on SPA Hacks: Hacks Emerging From the World of Single-Page Web Apps

  1. Video’s available in a month or so.

    People were pretty intrigued and surprised about a lot of it. In particular, “Single Page Application” is ambiguous; most people just expected it to be what I used to call “Ajax Deluxe”, i.e. a web app whose entire UI is client-side…but still connected to a server. Maybe “Standalone File Application” is a better description.

    The main question people had, during and after the talk, was about MHTML. Can all browsers read and write it? And, can they get hold of the actual text, or just use it from CSS? I think the answer to the above is yes for the most part, but I’m not up with what Jeremy’s been doing with the latest on TW5 and whether all combinations are really possible. To summarise that: “For each browser, (a) can it read MHTML segments? (b) can it write MHTML segments?”.

    Also, Paul Irish mentioned the MHTML issue with IE wanting MS linebreaks, which might have caused problems in his font face experiments. Also needs more investigation.

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