Quirks of Google Suggest

Congratulations to google for proving it’s still possible to innovate in simple but powerful ways. Google Suggest brings auto-completion to the world of search. Simple idea, albeit technically challenge to scale, and amazing that none of the Google wannabees can’t come up with something like this first.

Slashdot posters have noticed some interesting trivia:

  • Since the suggestions appear to come from real searches, there are privacy implications.

  • The first suggestion (presumably the most popular search) across all letters and numbers forms The A To Z of Google Suggest and The 1 to 9 of Google Suggest. Among the more notable entries:

    • F is for Firefox
    • J is for Jokes
    • K is for Kazaa
    • P is for Paris Hilton
    • 1 is for 1
    • 9 is for 911
  • There are a ludicrous number of pages containing g{o repeating}gle, as in “gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle”! As this guy says. type “g”, then “o” repeatedly.