Podcast: Testing and JUnit

From the cashing-in-on-ITunes-4.9-hype department, the first podcast in ages.

This time, first of two parts on testing and JUnit. Random apologetic waffle and some announcements at the beginning, main content begins 8 minutes in.

Main thing is, much much less processing and upfront planning so as to just get more of these things out. So if it sounds a bit, err, “spontaneous”, do not adjust your ipod.

Testing and JUnit


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4 thoughts on Podcast: Testing and JUnit

  1. Hey, I am glad you came back. I learned a lot from your earlier podcasts and was worried you had burned out.

    I think your choice to cut down on editing and focus on content is wise.

    Thanks for the good work.

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  4. Hi, I’m afraid to find this site and so I try to listen this podcast. But it seems the link to the file dosn’t work… It would be nice it’ll be fixed.

    Thanks & greets, JJ

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