Over the Break

Quick mention of projects and writings outside this blog:

  • jQuery iFrame plugin – Stepped up work on this, as it was buggy and not very jQuery-plugin-like. Whacked it in GitHub along with test cases. Not all are passing on the 3058 day old browser, yet. This was a good opportunity to play around with asynchronous testing in QUnit and I was pleasantly surprised to find there’s good support for it – use stop() to suspend the test case (conceptually) and start() to continue it. QUnit Asynchronous tests.
  • Scrumptious reboot – Following Osmosoft’s decision to deploy everything inside a multi-user TiddlyWiki platform, Scrumptious has to be migrated to work inside of a TiddlyWiki. The final, pre-TiddlyWiki, Trails player you can see online. I’ve since begun work on an overlay plugin, which is a Claytons TiddlyWiki: the TiddlyWiki you’re having when you’re not having a TiddlyWiki; there’s a TiddlyWiki underneath for power-user functionality and a pretty generic UI on top of it. You can flip back and forth between a TiddlyWiki and a special overlay UI, which has full access to the TiddlyWiki state. It works by hiding all TiddlyWiki elements and pushing “style” elements to a DocumentFragment, so the operation can subsequently be reversed when flipping back. The first proof-of-concept is here (source in the TW repo). I’m psyched about this general approach for rapidly building web apps in a multi-user environment. TiddlyWeb provides a RESTful, permissioned, set of web services; and the UI can then be as flexible as you like. Ideally, each recipe/room would be in its own subdomain to help prevent XSS concerns.
  • Mahemoff.com reboot – Okay, it still needs some love, but my homepage is at least up-to-date now.
  • Server-Side Javascript article – Published Server-Side Javascript: Back With a Vengeance. Sums it all up really. I decided to submit it to ReadWriteWeb, rather than here or Ajaxian, because I figure i’s a good thing to make the wider audience aware of trends like this. Otherwise, it’s preaching to the converted to some extent.
  • End of Days for “View Source” – An editorial musing about the end of days for View Source. Turns out there’s going to be a SXSW panel on View Source and Alex Russell, who’s participating, has Save View Source effort.
  • It’s snowing and freezing in London, hence this Snowman mashup building on @webreflection’s efforts.

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