New Look, New Host

This blog is now hosted on WPEngine. I was having trouble managing it on the Linode VPS for some time now. It seemed to cause DB issues for some reason, which would in turn lock up my other sites (WebWait, AjaxPatterns etc). So I had to isolate it on a separate Linode, and decided if I’m doing that, I may as well just go for a dedicated WordPress host. So here we are at WPEngine. And took the opportunity to cut the clutter and go for a minimalist theme. So thanks Sayanee for this here IceCap theme. Update: Or not. Having some scrolling issues, oddly enough, so reverting back to the old theme for now. Update again: Fixed. It was a conflict with the MailChimp Social plugin. Luckily, Social has an option to disable its own comment view, so I can keep both plugins active.

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