Must Have 5 Years “Ruby on Rails” Experience

If there’s one certainty in this industry, it’s the ongoing hilarity of job ads. David Heinemeier Hansson found a job ad that mentions “Rails” in the same breath as “enterprise” and “whitepaper”, and “struts” in the same breath as “latest and greatest”:

Should have ideally 5 years experience with all of the latest and greatest tools out there. The more the better. J2EE, struts, Ruby on Rails, Websphere, etc. Should have experience constructing Enterprise wide Java solutions from whitepapers.

“Why yes, I just pushed the Rational Rose Activationate button and Rose generated the Enterprise wide Java solution for me, along with the whitepaper. I didn’t even have to tell it anything first. Does that count?”

David’s reaction:

Rails has truly broken through the awareness barrier when its included as part of a job application that’s the antithesis of everything Rails is about. Clueless recruiters of the world, I salute you!

The “Must have 5 years Java” requirement, at a time when Java was barely out of the Sun Labs, have become legendary. There can be no finer way to attract dishonest candidates than to construct an infinitely high hurdle. I’ll donate a Pragmatic Rails text to whoever spots the first serious (as in seriously misguided) Rails equivalent.

4 thoughts on Must Have 5 Years “Ruby on Rails” Experience

  1. not quite a “5+ years ruby on rails” equivalent, but still amusing to find as a job expectation:

    > We are looking for coders/designers who have experience with AJAX and Ruby (on rails) – python on rails might be considered.

    found here:

  2. (tm, I edited your comment to prefix the link with “http://”.)

    Very generous to allow python on rails. The “Ruby (on rails)” is interesting too – perhaps Rails is becoming synonomous with Ruby, like J(2)EE and Java.

  3. Yeah, rails is synonymous with ruby – all large number of Java people are moving to ruby just because of rails, ditto some python types and even a handful of perl people.

    Also Ruby only has rails, where as perl and php have choices of frameworks (both MVC and not).

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