Instalicious: Push Delicious “ToRead” Items Into Instapaper

Update: Moved instalicious to GitHub. The main change I made since posting this was to stop items reappearing in Instapaper once you’ve deleted them; the sync process was causing them to be pushed from Delicious again. The script now changes the “toread” tag to “instaliciousd” (configurable name), so “toread” items will only be pushed once.

Instapaper lets me read stuff later – I hit a bookmarklet when I’m reading it and I can see it later on my browser or in iphone, or print articles in a newspaper format. The problem is, I’d rather add that stuff to my Delicious stream so I have a permanent record, others can see it, and it plays nicely with in mashups.

So I decided I want a way to bookmark things in Delicious as normal, but still have them appear in Instapaper. Here’s the script repo:

Instalicious repository at GitHub

Instalicious is a little Python script that plucks out items tagged “toread” – or some other configurable tag – and pushes them to Instapaper. Fortunately, both services have easy APIs (Instapaper API; Delicious API), and in the case of Delicious, there was even a pleasant Python binding to the API. Also, the Instapaper API happily doesn’t create duplicates when you send it something you’ve already sent…so Instalicious doesn’t have to remember what it sent. It just dumbly polls Delicious and sends it over to Instapaper.

Now you can have your cake and eat it :).

7 thoughts on Instalicious: Push Delicious “ToRead” Items Into Instapaper

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  3. Actually this Python Script is based on the “old school” of delicious. After it has been acquired by Yahoo, this Python API could not used in new accounts registered through Yahoo Account.

  4. Henry, thanks for the heads-up. That’s unfortunate to hear. My own account is old-school so I hadn’t picked up on that. I’ll realistically need more interest in the project to consider making it Yahoo-friendly, but I’ll happily accept patches.

  5. Why not put it up on its own domain and really put it out there?

    I have owned the domain since 2007, but willing to discuss a sale of the domain if it helps you

    Please get in touch if you would like to acquire it for your project


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