I Was Referred to AjaxPatterns.org

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I had a funny story the other day: Someone referred me to Ajax Patterns.

While researching a number of patterns, I contacted relevant developers for their take, as reflected in the pattern-specific acknowledgements. I have to say I’m very grateful for everyone’s help and most people have given me plenty of detail. While researching one pattern some months ago, I mailed a developer about some work he’d done (dang, did I just give away this anonymous person’s gender?). I didn’t hear back, which was fine as I know most people are busy and most of us (certainly me) let emails fall so far down our inbox that we forget it’s there.

Anyway, the other day I got a polite response apologising for the delay and referring me to the pattern in question, ajaxpatterns.org link and all! The same pattern I had been researching when I sent the original email! In further correspondence, he took it in good humour and said “Now you know that I’m pointing to your site as the authority on <pattern name> :-)”.

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