Firebug Wishlist

Just mailed Joe Hewitt a couple of suggestions for the bug.

Hi Joe,

A couple of firebug suggestions.

(1) Search

On the Ajaxian interview, you mentioned people have trouble locating and knowing about the existence of Search. (Me too.) Redesigning the layout will help, but I'd also suggest retaining the standard alt/control-F shortcut somehow, as I'm sure a lot of your power user audience will be trying to use that and failing.

More generally, any redesign probably ought to somehow integrate Firebug  search into Firefox search, e.g. use keyboard focus to decide which of the two is searched.

Bonus points if Firebug search cycles through all tabs :) .

(2) One word: cookies!


One thought on “Firebug Wishlist

  1. Are you talking about being able to search for a string in the Script tab for example? I definitely need that and hadn’t found it… Where is it?

    The other firebug feature i need to track down is edit-in-place. I’ve heard mention that you can edit js in firebug for hyper-dev iteration. True?

    cheers! scott.

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