Drag a custom window with Adobe Air

Quick tip. Been playing with Adobe Air recently and was trying to let the user drag a "systemChrome="none" transparent="true" around. The definitive Air reference has an example that shows how to close and minimize, but not how to move it. And all the examples I could find are Flash-based rather than the HTML/JS/Ajax approach I’m taking (along with some forum posters who were as confused as I was). Based on the Flash examples and the close/minimise pattern, it turned out to be this simple:


  1. document.body.onmousedown =
  2.         function() { window.htmlControl.stage.window.startMove(); }

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  2. Care to provide a little more detail? I’m trying this snippet and I’m getting nothing. The container I’d like to be used as the draggable area is called titlebar. Would the resulting code be:

    document.titlebar.onmousedown = function() { window.htmlControl.stage.window.startMove(); }

    or am I missing something? Also, where are you placing this line?

  3. Fab, thanks! To limit to dragging by a particular handle:

    document.getElementById(“someid”).function() {window.nativeWindow.startMove(); }

    works a treat

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