Changes Around Here

Seems the market for blackjack among software developers just got bigger. The spammers have unleashed a torrent of trackbacks over the past fortnight, finally provoking me into an upgrade. So I’ve moved to wordpress 1.5, and simultaneously pushed the older podcast MP3s off here to an archive location.

Hopefully, your aggregator won’t get the old stuff again. If it does, and you feel sufficiently riled up to send an email, I bravely ask you to save me the effort and send it directly to your favourite spammer of the month.

Incidentally, huge Chapeau to the wordpress team – amazingly slick upgrade operation. Basically just replaced the 1.2 files with the 1.5, edited in the database parameters, and hit a magic URL. WordPress took care of migration and upgraded the plugins accordingly.

Enclosures haven’t worked out so well. I had to manually add them in. Since I was using an unsupported patch, they weren’t already there, and somehow the 1.5 automatic enclosure feature just isn’t working. Some googling indicates I’m not alone there. Still, it’s a great job overall – looking forward to the new plugins. In particularly, the anti-spam ones.

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