Ajax Patterns: Widgets broken down

For a long time, the Ajax Patterns had a big section of widgets, about 15 in all. This week, I’ve been working on full-text versions and they’ll be finished on the weekend. Writing the low-level details helped crystallise some of the relationships for me, and I’ve been able to break those widgets into three groups, which makes a bit more sense now.

So now the structure is this:

  • Content Widgets
  • Form Widgets
  • Page Architecture, which will be renamed, it sounds too grandiose and overarching at the moment, whereas it’s really just more patterns at the same level as above.

Here’s what they contain – see the ajaxpatterns homepage for up-to-date info. (Excuse the cut-and-paste job).

Content Widgets

  • Drilldown See http://betfair.com sidebar.
  • Microcontent Compose the page of “Microcontent” blocks – small chunks of content that can be edited in-page.
  • MicrolinkProvide Microlinks that open up new content on the existing page rather than loading a new page.
  • Popup Support quick tasks and lookups with transient Popups, blocks of content that appear “in front of” the standard content.
  • Portlet Introduce “Portlets” – isolated blocks of content with independent conversational state.

Form Widgets


Page Architecture

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