Ajax Gems

I’m opening up the Ajax wiki soon and one of the really important things there will be to let everyone add examples. So I kicked off an Ajax Examples page. It’s based mostly on the original content linked from FiftyFourEleven, blatently combined with most of the showcases featured on Ajaxian. And a few others for good measure.

Here, I wanted to highlight some of the lesser-known Ajax apps that warrant 30 seconds of playtime.

  • Quek Chatting about the website you’re looking at. A limited version of “community surfing” plugins, but without the plugin. This could go far with a few tricks like bookmarklets and support for publishers to provide links to embed the chat.

  • HoverSearch Search results hover above the main page. Uses Transparent divs.

  • maps.search.ch Apparently, every square inch of Switzerland exists in a computer model. Shows that a neatly rendered model can look better than an outright photo.

  • Zuggest Excellent illustration of live search.

  • Ripped Tickets Another live search.

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  1. A section for Javascript Patterns would be wonderful as well. I can contribute a wide list of articles that assist “digestion” of some of the trickier concepts out there. I’m not sure if I’m the best person to construct the actual patterns themselves, but we should start… The J in AJAX is maybe the hardest part…

  2. I recently found a free web service at ajaxed.com that allows users to add “live search” capability (similar to Google Suggest) to their website without programming. Looks cool and is works for non-programmer types.

  3. Dave, Updated now thanks.

    Christopher, Absolutely up for it. To a great extent, the “J” covers the “A” and the “X” anyway. There’s a need to document all the little useful idioms (like $(“domElement”) ) as well as big architectural patterns and techniquees, like OO/inheritance, handling portability issues etc.

    Steve, Thanks for the link. Looks like they’re aiming for something like the webpasties approach, Minimum programming – Ajax for the people!

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