Agile Software Riffcast 2 of 4: The Methodologies

Here’s the second of four podcasts on agile software development. The first is available here. This 42 minute podcast is a survey of six methodologies and the men (yes, they are) behind them.

The methodologies discussed are (with creators or prominent proponents parenthesised).

  1. Scrum (Ken Schwaber)
  2. Crystal. (Alistair Cockburn) And here’s a link to Alistair Cockburn’s thesis that I mention.
  3. Pragmatic Programming (Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas)
  4. DSDM (DSDM Consortium)
  5. Lean Manufacturing(Poppendieck and Poppendieck)
  6. Extreme Programming (Beck)

Click to download the podcast mp3 Thanks to Tim Madden (via for the icon. And thanks again to My Morning Jacket for making the lead-in track.

(Oh and all the best for 2005.)